How It Works  



  • Your Company sends drawings to E Master Inc electronically (Hard copies as an option).

  • E Master performs a take-off from the drawings and break down the cost to different sections: Lighting Fixtures, Branch Power Distribution, Main Power Distribution and Feeder Schedule,

         HVAC, FAS, Intercom, Security, Telecommunications, Electrified Furniture, Nurse Call System etc.

          with total material and labor cost for each separate group.

  • Finally, E Master emails you the final bid (Please look at some Samples under the Home tab).

  • All drawing & specification discrepancies will be detected and a note would be attached to the final summary.

  • Clarifications and exclusions list would be completed according to your company procedures.




  • Price adjustment for different clients. City projects:  NYCTA, BOE, DOT, DOE, Department of Correction. Open Shops are welcome!

  • Ability to meet any scheduled due date.

  • Getting a second opinion always a good option. It allows you to evaluate a bid price range.